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Voters in Monterey County Fire District Approve Parcel Tax That Will Cost One Taxpayer $27,700 Per Year

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In a special election that concluded August 29, voters in the Santa Lucia Community Services District in Monterey County approved a parcel tax that will add almost $1,000 to residents’ annual property tax bills and will cost one taxpayer nearly $30,000 per year.

Measure T, approved with 84.4 percent of the vote, imposes a $954.67 parcel tax on residential property owners and varying tax rates on sports centers, golf courses, and other entertainment facilities in the district with annual inflation increases and no sunset date.

The tax will be increased up to 4 percent annually and is expected to cost taxpayers $389,840 in the first year. Approximately $27,700 of that total will come from one property – a golf course in the district.

There are 145 registered voters in the district, but only 75 returned ballots, representing turnout of just under 52 percent. Of those who cast ballots, 63 voted for the tax increase and 12 voted against it.

Monterey County Counsel Leslie Girard’s analysis of Measure T noted that the community services district is primarily funded through property-related fees that cannot be used to pay for emergency services. The analysis stated that all revenue generated by the parcel tax will support emergency services in the district.