CalTax Executive Committee Meeting

October 12, 2023


Property Tax Meeting

October 16, 2023

Sacramento, CA

CalTax Foundation Webinar: Property Tax – A Field Report on Locally Assessed Properties

October 17, 2023

Sacramento, CA

Income Tax Committee Meeting

November 06, 2023

Sacramento, CA

CalTax Foundation Webinar: Locals Get Creative as They Try to Increase Taxes

November 07, 2023

Sacramento, CA

CalTax Executive Committee Meeting (Special Session)

November 16, 2023

Los Angeles, California

CalTax Board of Directors Meeting

November 17, 2023

Los Angeles

CalTax Foundation Webinar: Two Out of Three Ain’t Bad – A Year-End Update on the Battle Over the Two-Thirds Vote for Local Special Taxes

December 05, 2023

Sacramento, CA

Sales Tax Committee Meeting

December 11, 2023

Sacramento, CA

CalTax 98th Annual Meeting

March 20, 2024

Sacramento, CA

Annual Meeting


CalTax 98th Annual Meeting
Sacramento, CA
March 20,2024
The CalTax Annual Meeting is the premier informational and networking event for taxpayers that provides an opportunity to meet and discuss issues with key government officials and private-sector experts. Speakers at the highly regarded event have included numerous California governors, state controllers, tax agency directors, State Board of Equalization Members, state lawmakers, and experts in tax policy. The event focuses on tax law, corporate tax appeals, audits, commercial property tax, tax-related ballot measures, and other issues of special concern to California businesses and other taxpayers.
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