Franchise Tax Board

Taxpayers’ Bill of Rights Hearing Will Be Held December 8


The Franchise Tax Board’s annual Taxpayers’ Bill of Rights hearing will be held December 8 in a meeting that will include in-person and virtual participation.

The hearing will be part of the FTB’s business meeting that starts at 9 a.m. The agenda will be posted on the FTB’s website at least 10 days before the meeting.

“This annual hearing allows taxpayers as well as industry representatives to present proposals for changes to existing state franchise and income tax laws,” the FTB announced.

Individuals will be limited to five minutes to present their proposals via telephone or in-person.

The FTB recommended that those planning to participate submit a letter by November 18, with “TBOR” in the subject line, to [email protected].

The Taxpayers’ Rights Advocate’s Office said it is committed to respond in writing by February 1 to proposals presented during the hearing, and will post the responses on the agency’s website.