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Public Opinion Poll: Voters Strongly Support Proposition 13, Think California’s Tax Burden Is Too High

Likely voters in California overwhelmingly support Proposition 13, according to a poll released this week by the Public Policy Institute of California. The poll also found that Californians believe they pay the highest taxes in the nation, and more than their fair share in state and local taxes.

Proposition 13 was approved nearly 40 years ago with support of 64.8 percent of the vote, and the PPIC poll found that this support has not wavered. Asked if they believe Proposition 13 “has turned out to be mostly a good thing for California or mostly a bad thing,” 65 percent of likely voters said it was mostly a good thing, compared to just 23 percent who said it was mostly a bad thing. The remaining 12 percent includes 2 percent who said the effects of Proposition 13 are mixed, and 10 percent who said they don’t know.

PPIC found that support for Proposition 13 is strong across all demographics. Respondents who told pollsters that passing Proposition 13 was “mostly a good thing” include:

  • 58 percent of Democrats, 75 percent of Republicans and 71 percent of independents.
  • 57 percent who identify as “liberal,” 67 percent who identify as “moderate,” and 71 percent who identify as “conservative.”
  • 73 percent of voters in the Inland Empire.
  • 63 percent of voters in the Los Angeles region.
  • 67 percent of voters in the Orange and San Diego area.
  • 66 percent of voters in the San Francisco Bay Area.
  • Latinos (57 percent), whites (66 percent) and other ethnicities (64 percent).
  • Likely voters ages 18-44 (59 percent) and ages 45 and older (67 percent).
  • Renters (57 percent) and homeowners (70 percent).

The poll also found that 58 percent of likely voters believe California’s state and local tax burden ranks near the top, and 23 percent said the state ranks above average. Likely voters also said that when all taxes paid to state and local governments are combined, they pay much more than they should (41 percent) or somewhat more than they should (20 percent).

Federal tax reform legislation passed last year is highly unpopular with California’s voters, the poll found. Across all demographics – party, region of the state, race, age, education and household income – a majority of voters disapprove of the “Tax Cuts and Jobs Act,” and believe it will have either a negative impact or no impact on their family.

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