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Manufacturing Company Moving California Operations to Mexico


Leer Group, a company that manufactures pickup truck caps and covers, is shutting its Woodland facility and moving the work to Mexicali, Mexico, the Sacramento Business Journal reported October 24.

The move will permanently cut 216 jobs in Woodland, effective November 11, and the Woodland facility will shut down in 2024, the company said. Previously, the company moved Southern California manufacturing to Mexicali.

“The new Mexicali plant is 220,000 square feet of new construction,” the Business Journal reported.

A spokesman said the company invested more than $30 million in the Mexicali manufacturing plant.

Leer Group, which sells its products through 1,300 independent dealers in the United States, is a business unit of JB Poindexter & Co. Inc. of Houston, which is a private company that also owns Century, SnugTop, Bedslide LLC, State Wide Aluminum Inc. and other brands in the truck accessory business.