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Green Tech Firm Moves HQ and R&D Center Out of California

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Hyperion, a hydrogen-electric tech and transportation company, announced this week that it is relocating its headquarters from Southern California to Columbus, Ohio.

“The tech company said the new facility will create 700 jobs,” Columbus television station WCMH reported February 1.

The move is “part of a $297 million investment to accelerate production of its next-generation hydrogen fuel cells that are set to power a new line of stationary and mobile energy products,” H2 View reported February 2. “The company … said the new site will also house a research and development centre in addition to its manufacturing operations.”

Angelo Kafantaris, Hyperion’s chief executive officer and an Ohio native, told H2 View: “After 10 years of development, we are thrilled to bring our hydrogen technology back to Columbus where it all started. Building the XP-1 [zero-emission ‘supercar’] allowed us to test and refine our fuel cell technology, allowing us to create the most advanced green hydrogen fuel cell stack for a number of different applications. With its ability to store mass quantities of electric energy, hydrogen has tremendous long-term, zero-emission potential for the energy sector, and will be one of the most powerful tools in reducing carbon emissions on a global scale.”

Columbus Mayor Andrew Ginther said Hyperion’s new facility represents the largest manufacturing project within city limits in a decade, and will bring more investments and jobs.

“Columbus had the perfect blend – because it’s so diverse, from the tech resources and for the manufacturing base,” Kafantaris said. “There was no decision other than Columbus that could be made after doing our research.”

“In total, we anticipate Hyperion will invest nearly $300 million in this site and $60 million in annual payroll for the Columbus employees,” the mayor said.

Hyperion plans to begin manufacturing next year.