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Fourteen Local Tax Measures Going Before Voters in November

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Voters in 10 counties will decide the fate of 14 local tax measures November 2. If all of the measures are approved, it would represent a $53.3 million tax increase for taxpayers in the affected areas. 

The largest tax increase is Moreno Valley’s Measure G, which proposes a 1 percent sales tax increase that would bring the total sales tax to 8.75 percent in the city and would cost taxpayers an estimated $20 million per year.

Another large tax hike going before voters is Measure PS, a parcel tax in the City of Commerce. The measure, which requires a two-thirds vote for passage, would tax industrial property at a maximum rate of $0.3221 per square foot, costing property owners approximately $12 million annually. Revenue would be used for emergency services.  

Voters in Placer County face Measure U, a $219 parcel tax measure sunsetting in 10 years that would raise $450,000 annually for wildfire prevention services for the Northstar Fire Department and provide green waste disposal options for homeowners. Last month, voters in another Placer County fire district, the Truckee Fire Protection District, approved a $179 parcel tax, Measure T.

Voters in Sonoma County’s Kenwood Fire Protection District, Plumas County’s Long Valley Community Services District, and the city of Isleton in Sacramento County also face measures to fund fire protection services.

Two of Santa Clara’s school districts, Los Gatos Union School District and Berryessa Union School District, as well as San Mateo’s Menlo Park City School District, are asking voters to renew existing parcel taxes.  

The Los Gatos proposal, Measure B, would increase the existing parcel tax by $45 per parcel initially, and would impose an additional 2 percent annual increase after that.  

The Sonoma Valley Health Care District’s parcel tax renewal proposal, Measure F, would renew the tax for 10 years at up to $250 per parcel, raising an estimated $3.8 million annually for the continued operation of the Sonoma Valley Hospital and emergency room.  

Local Tax Measures on the November 2 Ballot

Type of MeasureCountyJurisdictionBallot DesignationDescriptionEstimated Annual Tax Increase
Documentary Transfer TaxLos AngelesCity of Inglewood Measure I Increases tax on real estate sales to 4.5% on amounts over $10 million, 3.5% on amounts from $2.5 million to $10 million, 1.75% on amounts from $1.1 million to $2.5 million, and keeping the existing 0.055% rate for sales under $1.1 million, to fund emergency and general services. $3,500,000 
Parcel Tax Los Angeles City of Commerce Measure PS Parcel tax on industrial property at a maximum rate of $0.3221 per square foot, to fund emergency services. $12,000,000 
Parcel TaxPlacerNorthstar Community Services District  
Measure U 
A $219 parcel tax for 10 years for wildfire prevention services and green waste disposal options for homeowners.  
Parcel Tax Plumas Long Valley Community Services District Designation to come Increases an existing parcel tax indefinitely to be levied at $170 per parcel, increasing up to 2% annually, for fire protection and prevention.  $39,780 
Parcel Tax San Mateo 
Menlo Park City School District 
Measure B Renews an expiring parcel tax for 12 years and increases it to $598 per parcel, with annual inflation adjustments, for education services. $4,600,000
Parcel Tax Santa ClaraLos Gatos Union School District Measure B Imposes a $335 parcel tax for eight years to replace an expiring $290 parcel tax, for education services. $3,200,000
Parcel Tax Santa ClaraBerryessa Union School District Measure A Renews an existing $79 parcel for eight years for education services.$1,800,000 
Parcel Tax SonomaSonoma Valley Health Care District Measure F Renews an expiring parcel tax for 10 years at up to $250 per parcel per year for the continued operation of the Sonoma Valley Hospital and emergency room. $3,800,000
Parcel Tax SonomaKenwood Fire Protection District Measure E Imposes a parcel tax to fund fire and emergency services, at maximum rates of $0.12 per square foot for commercial properties and $16 per acre for agricultural land.  $300,000 
Sales TaxRiversideCity of Moreno ValleyMeasure GImposes a 1% sales tax indefinitely for general city services.$20,000,000
Sales Tax SacramentoCity of Isleton  
Measure B
Imposes a 0.5% transactions and use tax for five years, costing taxpayers $83,726 to $106,858 annually, to fund fire protection services.  
Hotel TaxLos Angeles  
City of Inglewood 
Measure H  
Increases the transient occupancy tax from 14% to 15.5% in perpetuity for community and general services. 
Utility User Tax Fresno City of Orange CoveMeasure U Increases an existing utility user tax on gas, electricity, and telephone from 7% to 10% and creates a use tax on water at 10% in perpetuity, with revenue for general city services. $346,832 
Utility User Tax Imperial City of Brawley Measure U Renews expiring 4% rate without an expiration and applies the tax to additional services, including phone services.  $2,500,000