Property Tax

County Reports Show 6.4 Percent Average Increase in Assessed Values

Property Tax

In the 19 counties whose assessors had made their 2023-24 assessment roll data available by this morning, the average increase in the assessment roll is 6.4 percent. The value of the roll has increased in each of the 19 counties.

Among these counties, the lowest percentage increase is 5.68 percent in Sonoma County and the highest is 9.7 percent in San Bernardino County. The assessment roll growth will translate to more property tax for local government, school districts and special districts.

July 1 was the deadline for assessors to complete their assessment rolls, but information for all 58 counties is not yet available. Many assessors have been granted 30-day deadline extensions by the State Board of Equalization and others have not released the information to the public.

Six counties that made their data available this week:

Marin County Assessor Shelly Scott reported that the assessed value of properties in her county increased 6.34 percent, following last year’s 6.55 percent increase. The roll is valued at $101.27 billion, up from $95.24 billion in 2022.

The county recently approved a $784 million budget for the 2023-24 fiscal year that assumed 6 percent property tax revenue growth, so the 6.34 percent growth will create a windfall. The county budget director estimated that the county will receive approximately $700,000 in unexpected general fund revenue.

Nevada County Assessor Rolf Kleinhans reported that the roll value is $25.7 billion, a 6.26 percent increase from 2022. Approximately 8,000 properties are in decline-in-value assessment status, Kleinhans added.

Placer County Assessor Matthew Maynard completed a roll with $104.3 billion in assessed value, a 6.95 percent increase over the prior year.

Shasta County Assessor Leslie Morgan reported that the net roll is valued at $23.2 billion, an increase of 6.55 percent from 2022.

Stanislaus County Assessor Don Gaekle announced that the roll value increased 6.59 percent, reaching $65.68 billion. “The percentage roll growth for 2023-2024 was broad-based with all cities and the unincorporated county exceeding 6 percent roll growth,” the assessor added. This marked 11 consecutive years of growth, averaging 6.33 percent per year.

Ventura County Assessor Keith Taylor reported a $171.7 billion roll – a 5.92 percent increase from last year.