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Brewer Barrels Out of California, Moves Headquarters to San Antonio

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Pabst Blue Ribbon announced this month that it is moving its headquarters out of Los Angeles and into San Antonio, Texas.

Along with closing its Los Angeles headquarters, the company closed its Dallas offices to move the employees to San Antonio. The company already has 60 to 65 employees in San Antonio and plans to increase its employment to 115 to 120 employees when fully staffed.

Pabst, the seventh-largest beer company in the United States, did not receive any government incentives for the relocation, but said costs were a factor.

“The affordability of the city does make it attractive to business(es) and employees,” General Manager Matt Bruhn told a San Antonio newspaper.

Texas does not have a state income tax, while California has the highest state income tax rates in the nation. The median cost of a home in Los Angeles is $685,000, compared to $175,400 in San Antonio.