New Edition of 'California Tax Facts' Details Who Pays Taxes, and How Much

What percentage of California's personal income tax revenue comes from the top 5 percent of earners? What share of the total property tax burden under Proposition 13 is borne by businesses? How much of the state's sales and use tax revenue is based on sales of clothing and accessories?

The answers to these questions and many others are included in "California Tax Facts: An Overview of the Golden State's Tax Structure (Third Edition)," published January 31 by the California Tax Foundation.

With colorful charts and graphs, the informative 77-page guide describes the various taxes imposed by California's state and local governments, and includes comprehensive statistics on who pays, how much revenue is collected, where the money goes, and much more. Previous editions of the book have been widely used by taxpayers, students and state policymakers.

"Tax reform is at the forefront of discussion, and this guide puts crucial information at the fingertips of taxpayers and elected officials," said Robert Gutierrez, director of the California Tax Foundation, a research organization established by the California Taxpayers Association to promote sound public policy. "The book cuts through the spin, myths and misleading claims that often cloud tax policy discussions, and delivers the facts."

"California Tax Facts" is available online, and hard copies are available on Amazon.

(The answers to the questions above: 68.2 percent, 62.86 percent and 6 percent, respectively.)

January 31, 2017

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