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Government Workers' Massive Compensation Packages Detailed. The Ventura County Star reports that the base salaries of city and county administrators often are augmented by massive benefit packages funded by the taxpayers. The newspaper gave these examples:

         Oxnard City Manager Ed Sotelo in 2009-10 received $266,013 in base salary, $7,200 in annual car allowance, $10,600 for health and insurance benefits and $97,943 for various retirement funds. The city allows him to annually cash out up to 120 hours of accrued leave, not counting the 120 hour of administrative leave he receives each year.

         Ventura County Chief Executive Officer Marty Robinson received a base salary of $228,308 last year, plus $11,415 in education incentive pay, $21,677 toward a personal 401(k)-type retirement plan (on top of a county-provided retirement plan), and collected $33,000 by cashing in unused leave time.

         Thousand Oaks City Manager Scott Mitnick receives a base salary of $228,000, plus retirement benefits of approximately $80,000 per year.

         Simi Valley City Manager Mike Sedell receives a base salary of $231,355, but benefits increased total compensation to $341,000 last year.

         Ventura City Manager Rick Cole collects a base salary of $174,161, but benefits increased total compensation to $230,797. When he was hired in 2004, the city purchased a new Toyota Prius for his use, and paid $325,000 toward the purchase of his home (under terms that give the city 48 percent ownership of the home until the money is repaid).

         Moorpark City Manager Steven Kueny receives a base salary of $224,321, but benefits increase total compensation to $304,284.

         Camarillo City Manager Jerry Bankston receives a base salary of $233,809, plus benefits that increase total compensation to $324,000. Initially, the city reported a lower amount, but corrected it to reflect not only the California Public Employees' Retirement System pension but an additional taxpayer-funded 401(a) pension contribution of $71,000.

(Source: Ventura County Star, August 28 and September 3.)

Cal-TaxReports, September 7, 2010

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